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Dell XPS 12 Screen Burn in


I purchased a Dell XPS 12 about a year and a half ago.  Only recently have I become aware of serious monitor burn in issues that are plaguing my computer.  Apparently this is a well known issue for Dell:


Notice the title of that webpage is "Dell replacing displays on XPS 12 Hybrids with 'burn in' issues".  Note this little quote:

“This image retention does not affect the lifetime performance of the LCD display. Dell is replacing the displays for affected customers,” spokeswoman Ellen Murphy said via email.

That includes systems that are outside their warranty period, Murphy said. XPS 12 users experiencing the problem should contact Dell technical support.

I for one, can say this is absolutely false.  I've been bounced around from tech support, to out of warranty support, to customer support to @DellCares on twitter.  They all claim this is not a known issue, despite that their PR director claims they are replacing them for free.  So I'm being told the only way to fix my defective laptop, which was sold to me defective, is to pay the $300 repair costs to replace this issue.

This is, quite frankly, outrageous. That Dell claims to do one thing, and then completely renegs on it when it actually asked to do so.  For the love of god, will someone at this company please respond and actually honor your agreements with your customers?  Stand by your product?  PLEASE.

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