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Dell XPS 12 Screen burn-in

I have  a Dell XPS 12 and have recently noticed that it is suffering from screen burn-in an issue that is widely reported on this laptop, further to this a number of articles indicate that given the widespread nature of the problem replacement screens are being offered even outside of the warranty period.

Despite this when I called Dell technical support I was first told that there was no known issue with the laptop and then subsequently I was told that the out of warranty replacements only stretched a further 90 days, at odds with information over the internet.

I was wondering whether this information was correct as it doesn't seem to match the other information available to me.


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RE: Dell XPS 12 Screen burn-in

I may be able to help.  I can't promise anything here as it is likely that your system has been out of warranty for some time, and likely shipped with the updated LCD panel. I will be sending you a friend request, please accept it so that I can get your information and research any possible service options. 


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