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Dell XPS 12 Screen burn-in

I have  a Dell XPS 12 9Q23 and have the screen burn-in an issue that is widely reported on this laptop, further to this a number of articles indicate that given the widespread nature of the problem replacement screens are being offered even outside of the warranty period.

When I e-mailed Dell technical support, I was told to make sure this is not a software issue (which clearly is not) and try to take photos of the issue in BIOS which obviously is not feasible given the screen color does not vary as much compared to normal operation using an OS.

I would like to know what my options are at this point. Is the replacement period over? And does it extend to the products sold in Japan.


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RE: Dell XPS 12 Screen burn-in

Deniz Evrenci,

You would need to contact Dell Support by phone in Japan to verify if they will replace the LCD.

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