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Dell XPS 13 9350 -- Electrical buzzing noise

I very recently purchased a xps 13 9350. I unboxed it last night and out of box I noticed that it would make a buzzing noise seemingly randomly. So I will list all the symptoms here and the troubleshooting I have done and maybe perhaps someone with more electrical knowledge than myself will be able to help.


As I said there is an electrical buzzing noise coming from the top left part of the chassis, it is most audible near the escape key but it is in that general area. Escape key, the 3 key, the R key, and around the tab key.

If I were to describe the noise I would say it sounds like an electrical buzz similar to when something is shorting out or an arc is made. I would also say it is very similar to coil whine or the noise a mechanical hard drive makes when the read write heads are moving. It is also vaguely similar to the noise a cicada makes.

The noise also seems to happen randomly, sometimes it is present and sometimes it is not. The same is to be said for its intensity, sometimes the noise is VERY audible (can be heard no matter where you are in the room) or sometimes it is very quiet and can only be heard if you but your ear right next to the places I listed earlier.

Furthermore the noise seems to intensify when there is a lot of movement on the screen. If I scroll up and down quickly on a page the noise will become more present and get louder. In fact as I type this it seems to act up randomly when I press keys or it will occur even when I am not touching the laptop.


Now since I discovered this problem last night I have read probably every thread I can find using google on xps 13 buzzing issues so I am going to get some things out of the way early.

This laptop does not have an optical drive.

My model has a nvme SSD which has no moving parts and would not be making noise, I doubt it is related to the electrical of the SSD as it is located more towards the center of the chassis.

I highly doubt it is the fan considering the location of the noise as well as how it sounds. The noise of the fan is very distinguishable and different. I can hear the fan the same time the buzzing is happening and they are very different sounds.

It is not my AC power adapter as the noise occurs regardless of the laptop being plugged in or not.

People in other forums have suggested that it is related to the Intel display drivers, I have tried disabling the drivers and the noise is present regardless, no change.

Other people have suggested changing some power saving settings in the integrated graphics control panel, the noise is present regardless of what those settings are set to.

Other forums have also suggested that brightness settings have a role to play, no matter what my brightness is set to the noise does not change.

This is a VERY long post but I want to be as detailed as possible for the people who might be able to help me with this issue and for anyone else who might find this post later on. ANY help is greatly appreciated and I will keep a close eye on this forum to reply back as quickly as possible.

Also this video is not mine but the sound is VERY similar to the noise my laptop is making, hopefully this will help as well.


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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 -- Electrical buzzing noise

Try last drivers from Intel website (not Dell), the drivers are more recent that Dell drivers, and in my case, fixed noise problem.


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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 -- Electrical buzzing noise

Hi, I agree with the previous poster and posted this elsewhere. I also have an XPS 13 9350 and was hearing the high pitched buzzing noise when scrolling around the screen when much was going on graphically. It was very annoying. First, I ended up downloading the newest RealTek HD Audio driver directly from RealTek (I am currently on I believe it helped but what REALLY fixed it was getting the newest Intel Display Driver directly from Intel and installing it manually (since the installer package will not work if you have a Dell version currently installed). I tried the most recent Intel display driver on the Dell site, but I still heard the audible, annoying buzz when moving around the screen with the mouse. I believe I downloaded the 15.45 here: downloadcenter.intel.com/.../Graphics-Intel-Graphics-Driver-15-45-. The specific driver version that shows up for my Intel(R) Iris(TM) Graphics 540 display adapter is currently Like I said, since putting this driver in place I've had no more audible graphical buzzing at all--system has been virtually silent for almost a week. Anyway, I hope this helps others.

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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 -- Electrical buzzing noise

Try to disable the "C-State" in BIOS. It seems to help in my case.

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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 -- Electrical buzzing noise

Oh, I got my latest XPS 13 2in1 9365, it has the buzzing sound too ! Smiley Sad

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