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Dell XPS 13 9350 QHD - Adaptive brightness


I just bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 QHD. I am trying to disable Adaptive brightness with this patch i downloaded from dell website APP_QHDFW_DBC_W81X64_W10X64_A00_Setup-PWD5K_ZPE

However after I unzip and run the exe file there is no reaction.

Can someone please assist.

Thank you.

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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 QHD - Adaptive brightness


Is that a driver update you are downloading? That will not change any settings for your GPU.

Follow the steps below to turn off adaptive brightness:

1) Go to your power settings by left-clicking the battery symbol at the bottom right of your desktop

2) click power and sleep settings

3) click additional power settings then click "change plan settings" next to the power profile you are using

4) then, click "change advanced power settings"

5) Scroll down to Display (click the plus icon) --> Enable adaptive brightness --> then turn it off using the pull down menus.

Let me know if this works,



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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 QHD - Adaptive brightness

You have to manually write your current intel graphics driver's version for the patch script to work successfully in the PanelFWConfig in Dino2 section like following

Win10IntelGfxVer =,,

Hope this might help you till Dell make it version independent

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