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Dell XPS 13 9350 and Thunderbolt issues

So, my ultimate goal is to connect a Firewire 800 device (medical instrument) via thunderbolt. I got my hands on two Apple thunderbolt adapters, first a TB 3 to TB 2, and then a TB 2 to Firewire 800.

When I connect the TB 3 to TB 2, Windows says "Try improving the USB connection" and it links me to this page. Opening the thunderbolt software shows no connected devices. I have the latest drivers that I am aware of, software package version I have BIOS version 1.4.10. I have disabled the thunderbolt security in BIOS and enabled the boot related thunderbolt options.

What else can I do? Thankful for help!

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RE: Dell XPS 13 9350 and Thunderbolt issues

Similar problem. I use TB-FW apple adapter to connect a Rolland Edirol FA 101.

I've tried several solutions without any success.

- disable ethernet

- disable quick boot

- install legacy drivers

no success.

Any help would be very wellcome.

My configuration is a Dell XPS 14 with Windows 8 Pro

Thanks a lot

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