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Dell XPS 13 Display Screen Scrambling/Flickering Problem


I bought my Dell XPS 13 laptop (L321X) in December of 2012.  Beginning in the middle of 2013, I began experiencing my display scree...I did not think anything of it at first, and honestly it would happen maybe once a month.  I figured...

Since the beginning of this year, I saw that it started doing it more frequently.  Within the last month, it has been happening more and more frequently, to the point that it is disrupting my use of the laptop.  I absolutely LOVE the laptop, with the exception of this one issue.  Can anyone please help me understand what seems to be the issue with the display problem?  

I have not yet tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor to see if the issue is with my video drive or screen.  It's just difficult to attach it to an external monitor in time when the problem starts, because the scrambling goes away within 20-30 seconds.  

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RE: Dell XPS 13 Display Screen Scrambling/Flickering Problem

Has Dell figured out the Screen Scrambling/Flickering Problem. My XPS 15Z has the same problem.

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