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Dell XPS 13 & Inspiron 13 Touchpad - cursor jumps to different location when clicking touchpad button

I have purchase multiple xps 13 and inspiron 13 laptops and observe the same issues.  I tend to use the touch pad with my right hand's index finger, and click the touchpad button with my left hand's index finger.  It's a quick way to get things done.  Many in my organization do this, too and have been running into problems.

However, quite frequently (but not all the time) when I click the button with my left hand the cursor jumps to another location on the screen.  Frequently this is the lower-left corner of the screen, but sometimes it is the upper right, too. This causes different windows to come into focus, or it activates the start menu.  Really , really annoying, and it happens on both laptop models.  Our previous Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and Acer laptops did not have this issue. 

I think this has to do with the touch pad thinking that the user has two fingers on the touch pad and moves the cursor thinking the finger jumped around the pad.  Otherwise the gestures and movement of the touchpad is fine. 

Is this a known issue to Dell?  It's really aggravating and other users in my organization are complaining as well.  I may need to return the lot (3 XPS 13, 5 Inspiron 13 machines ) and look at different hardware.  

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RE: Dell XPS 13 & Inspiron 13 Touchpad - cursor jumps to different location when clicking touchpad button


Welcome to our community.

Firstly, we’d like to apologize for the delay in replying. We understand your concern without a fully functional system. You’ve reached the right department and we are here to assist you.

With regards to the troubleshooting. We may have to update the drivers, in order for us to check the type of touchpad on your system, please provide us with your service tag of the system via private message. Also please check if you notice the erratic movement when you connect an external mouse.

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