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Dell XPS 13 L322X Carbon Fiber Base Not Flat

I recently acquired a new XPS 13 L322X, and while it is certainly a beautiful machine, I've noticed that the front left corner does not make contact with the surface below it. As a result, the laptop rocks back and forth slightly between the front left and rear right corners as I use it. I thought it might have just been the table I had it on at the time, but after trying multiple tables (and an inspection grade surface plate), the problem persisted. I tried slipping a piece of paper underneath the chassis from all four corners and there was a definite gap at the front left while there was none at the other three corners. Anyone else notice this defect? I'm a quality engineer by trade, and frankly I'm surprised Dell would let something like this get out the door. 

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RE: Dell XPS 13 L322X Carbon Fiber Base Not Flat

I am having the same experience! The whole front foot is in the air.  Just got it yesterday. Returning it tomorrow.

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