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Dell XPS 13 close lid shut down

Good Morning,

I have a problem with my new XPS 13 9350. I run Ubuntu 16.04 on it. The current BIOS version 1.4.4 .

If it is plugged in, closing the lid works fine. The xps 13 suspends as it should.
But if it is not plugged in to the power supply, closing the lid forces the laptop to reboot. The same happens if I close the lid when it's plugged in and I remove the power supply afterwards.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to fix that.

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RE: Dell XPS 13 close lid shut down

I also have what seems to be the same problem. I have xps13 9350 running windows 10.

The settings mean that the computer should sleep when the lid is closed but this is not happening. When i open the lid the laptop reboots, forcing any applications to close that were open and loses any information they had.

It has only started doing this in the last few days.

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