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Dell XPS 13 - i7-6500 Model


I am not 100% sure which model this one is. I bought it around April, 2016. It is the one with the QHD/touch screen, 16GB RAM/512GB and the i7-6500.

The problem is very simple: horrible battery life. In the BIOS, system does report battery as very healthy. All tests pass just fine.

To rule out any weird upgrade issue, I did a fresh install of Windows 10 Build 1709 (Fall Creators Update) and then got the drivers from Dell. BIOS is at the latest for this model. The drivers show as all up-to-date. No other piece of software has been installed on the machine (well except DropBox). Plain Windows 10 install. Nada/Zippo.

We are talking about 33% going down the drain after an hour of doing nothing. I am just watching the machine now synchronizing my Dropbox. Regardless of now using the WiFi extensively for the sync, the battery issue was there before what prompted me to do a full reinstall. It was never like that. I remember when I got the machine, I could work pretty much 6-7 hours straight on it with Microsoft Office. No issues. I cannot pinpoint when it started doing this. If it is a Windows 1709 issue or if it was there before on 1703.

I can upgrade Windows to any license if needed (I have all) to test it but I do believe it would make no difference.

Anyone with a similar experience?

I do understand battery life does change based on usage pattern, applications, how old the battery is and so on but this is beyond acceptable. It is abysmal.

Any clues/hints/software I could run to troubleshoot this?



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