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RE: Dell XPS 13 typing special characters with keyboard

Here is how to use special character on windows 10

1- Press windows+x key from keyboard and select control panel from power user menu.

2– Select fonts  from Control Panel Window.

3– Click on Find a character  from the left column of  fonts window.

You can also simply search character map by just typing character map on search box.

4– You will see a medium sized character map windows pops out on your screen with several distinct special character.

5- Click on the font section. It has a huge variety of fonts to choose from. Each fonts has its own set of special character. Choose the character you want to prefer by scrolling down the list and as soon as to bring your cursor on character an enlarged view of that character will pops out.

6– After choosing the character click on the select button. You will also see the Keystroke of that special character on the bottom right corner of the window.

7- Now click on the copy button.

8- The selected special character is now copied on your clipboard. Now you can easily paste it in desired location.

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