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Dell XPS 14z Flashing Orange Light

I was using my Dell XPS 14z today and the battery light started blinking orange 4 times then white once. It stated that my battery had crashed was no longer charging. I read here that that might be a bios problem so I updated my BIOS to the current one for my system and that was a A06 (according to this website). After flashing the new BIOS, the problem persisted. The Next recommendation was to remove, wait, then replace the battery, but there is no way to remove the battery from this unit. 

My battery health check says it is working normally. However, it is not charging and is still slowly draining even on the AC adapter. Any help?

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RE: Dell XPS 14z Flashing Orange Light

I had a very similar situation with my Dell XPS 14z. I've got installed A03 bios though.

On startup It said the message:

"This battery charging is temporarily disabled. Press F2 entering BIOS Setup Menu, Battery Status for details.

Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run setup the utility"

To fix it, I entered the BIOS Menu with F2 -> Advance -> Charger Behaviour -> Disabled

Hopefully the problem will go away in my case!

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