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Dell XPS 15 9060 Waves MaxxAudio not compatible


Like a month ago there was a windows 10 update, after it was done it said that Wave Maxxaudio is not compatible.

I downloaded the newer version from Microsoft store, but that is saying "Audio driver is not up the date, please check windows update", but there is no new windows update nor realtek update.

Now when the music is playing through speakers and  plug in headphones, it'll just start playing through headphones without any notification, and i can't change it, + the sound from the headphones sounds horrible. 

i tried to reinstal the realtek, i even uninstaled the windows update, but noting is helping. 

thanks for any help :)

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On my systems I had to uninstall the driver and reinstall.  When I did a clean install on one system, the Windows update process installed the latest driver available from Dell for that machine.  

To do this I download the new driver and then go offline.  Use Device Manager to uninstall the device and check the box to uninstall all drivers.  If a Realtek driver replaces the device then you may want to uninstall again and should end up with a High Definition Audio Driver.

It may not be necessary to go beyond the first uninstall but up to you.  Keep track of which version is installed.

Then install the downloaded driver.  One thing I noticed when a bad configuration was at work was after inserting the headset, the UI still showed the speakers and bad sound.

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