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Dell XPS 15 (9550) - Coil Whine & other issues

My Dell XPS 15 has an annoying "electrical buzzing" (coil whine).

The sound is only noticeable in a quiet environment but like most people that is the environment I do most my work in. Touching the touchpad (i.e. using the mouse) causes coil whine, holding down backspace causes coil whine, ANY user interaction with the notebook causes coil whine.

When left untouched I can hear subtle coil whine that peaks every second, but I consider that an acceptable level of sound as.

HERE -  This post suggests the cause is a faulty charger. I have had my XPS 9550 for near six months! Six months on a faulty power adapter due to the quality control on Dell's top of the line notebook.

What kind of damage could this have caused to the battery & other components?

Other Issues I've experienced with the DELL XPS 15 9550

- Speakers had terrible buzzing (software patch to fix this appears to be just lowering the maximum volume)

- Bluetooth Devices fail to connect but work fine with other PC's (Razer Orochi)

- Heavy Battery usage & overheat while it should be sleeping or off during transport (appears to be fixed)

- Display was replaced due to dead pixels in center of the screen. (CENTER - QC missed that on a 3K machine?)

This is the best Dell has to other in their Notebook range, I purchased such a expensive device because I expected the flagship notebooks to have a high standard of quality but as many other users seem to be reporting the quality control is just atrocious.

I had to keep moving my last repair service appointment and eventually canceled it due to personal issues preventing me from being available and I seriously regret that.

The XPS 15 is otherwise a excellent notebook with brilliant design and extreme power for it's size and does so with acceptable temps & acoustics (fan noise wise, coil whine is another story!) barring the QC issues I honestly think is the best ultrabook on the market.

What are my options here at the 6 Month mark? I feel like I was sold a lemon can I return it for a refund or a replacement? I would also be happy if a tech could come out and sort out all of my issues but at this point I don't know how much damage has been done to the machine by the faulty power adapter it was provided with.

Thank you for any suggestions, advice and support!

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RE: Dell XPS 15 (9550) - Coil Whine & other issues

The link I provided appears to be broken and I can't seem to edit the post so here is the full link:


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