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Dell XPS 15 9550 refused to start, only fan and power light lit up

My Dell XPS 15 9550 about 1½ years old started to act up a bit with a lot of "Your PC ran into problems and must be restarted" from Windows 10.

I tried to upgrade all drivers and firmwares as it was always hardware related.

Then all of a sudden the laptop didn't wake up after standby and when I pressed the power button it lit up and I could hear a very soft hum of the fans but nothing more happened, nothing on the screen.

I found some tip online to hold the D-button pressed to check if the screen was alright and when doing it the screen toggles over a few colors and then it just sat there again.

I found another tip to connect the charger and let it charge for an hour before trying again but that did no difference.

The next tip I found was to open it up and unplug the battery. Going to the store and bought a Torx T5 screwdriver and then used my credit card to open the lid (it is glued a bit) and remember the two philips screws under the lid on the backside!

Well, unplugging the battery and replugging did nothing, still the same.

The next tip I found which sounded rather odd but I had nothing to lose was to remove as many circuit boards as possible and "uncharge" them. I removed all "easily" accessible boards, HDD, memory and some other two small boards.

The next step according to the post I found was to make sure you are not carrying any static electricity so ground yourself through a grounded appliance, the water faucet or similar and then hold the boards between your hands and hold your hands on the laptops motherboard as well. Yes, I know this sounds silly but according to the article it will discharge any static electrical buildup inside the laptop.

After this I put everything back and the laptop started up normally!

I am not sure if the "discharging" actually place a part but it worked for me so I figured to share as there are many people suffering from the same problem it seems. This might help you getting your laptop running again...

I then ran the longer hardware scan from Dell's support pages and it reported that the built-in web cam and a PCI Bus failed the test. I re-ran the scan and it reported the same so I clearly have some hardware related issues in my laptop and my TPM chip went bust a few months ago so I had to remove Windows BitLocker.

Now I fully understand why Dell only gives 1 year warranty, their laptops simply don't last much longer than one year! >(

I called support and ask and they offered to replace the motherboard (for the PCI bus) and the web cam for about $2200 (more expensive than buying a freaking new laptop)!

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