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Dell XPS 15 9560 - Running Terribly

Hi all,

I recently bought a brand new XPS 15 9560 (about 4 months ago) and have started to use it for gaming and it's been running so poorly its almost laughable that it cost me $3000 AUD.

My frame rate drops hugely on game such as dota or HoN, ranging from 20-60 FPS at medium settings!!

Battlegrounds I can get around 10-30 frames at low settings.

When I have a game open it absolutely destroys any chance of multi tasking as my computer lags out whenever I'm alt tabbed.

Is this usual or have I got myself a lemon?

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What is the screen resolution?   If the system has  a 4K screen, what you're seeing is likely normal -- gaming at 4K requires a very high end GPU (such as  an nVidia 1080).   There's just no way to pack that much GPU into a small lightweight system like your XPS.

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