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Dell XPS 15 9560 current model and 9550 past model.

In reading this forum and feedback over the last week or so pertaining to the XPS 15 products and the Battery  I decided before my wife and I each plunk down $2300 each for new laptops I better find out if replacement batteries are available....  Well,   after being on the Phone with 5 different people today at Dell in both Sales and tech Support...  The Batteries Are Not Available.  That makes the Dell xps 15 the smallest door stop in my house.  

We started to look for replacements of our current Laptops and did alot of reading on the Dell XPS 15 with the 7700 HQ processor, 16 gb of ram and 512GB of SSD storage.... 4GB of Video ram and a 1050 processor.    The unit requires a 97Whr battery.    So,  I figure I'd check in to see what the cost of the replacement battery was and if it was available if we wanted to buy a spare..   I was floored by the amount of time it took to the the answer and what I was told... but in short here it is...

My first attempt was thru on line chat.. I was told that the battery was discontinued and that a reconditioned 43 wat would fit the Unit..  My first comment was what the heck do you do with a 43whr battery in this powerful laptop... but no matter how I asked the question the answer was the same...  So I inquired about one for a previous year 84whr battery and I got the same answer...    That tells me something is wrong they would not even give me a price at all. 

Next I got on the phone this morning and was transferred from Sales to Tech Support to parts sales, back to Tech support and I finally asked for a Manager.. None was available.... Of course they were very sorry...  The Bottom line is that no matter who I spoke to I was told that there is no part numbers in the system and no stock available and they have no idea when they may become available..I was told to call back in a couple of weeks..     Are you Kidding Me, what if I had bought one, the battery failed and now I'd have a $2500 laptop that had to stay plugged in all the time.  

Again  I specifically asked and said this model is still in production and on sale on the website, a current product you mean accessory or replacement batteries are not available..  again the answer was NO!  It is not a user replaceable part.. So, I then asked OK  If I had one and needed to have it repaired would you send me a battery then..    I was told NO!   I could send the unit it under warranty .I asked how long it would take and could not get an answer..  

I'm done with this... We are staying as far away form the XPS 15 asI can .. I just can't believe that a company the size of Dell (both business or home)  does not have repair parts for a brand new unit or a unit that is only 1 year old...    All i can Say if buyer Beware...   I guess in the long run,  we just saved our selves from having a $5,000 investment in two worthless portables..  you could not even sell it if you wanted to without a battery..

Sorry for the Rant but Common Dell  you have to have better sense than this!   

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