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Dell XPS 15 FHD - no display calibration

Hi guys, 

This is a question for NON-4K  XPS 15 owners

I'm interested in buying this for photo work but need to be able to calibrate the display. I've read online somewhere that (for reasons unknown?) the non-4k version doesn't have the DELL PREMIER COLOR application for adjusting display and so you're stuck with what you've got.

Is this true? Thank you. It's toughing getting an answer on this via email from Dell. So trying here!

Thank you again. 

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Hi Paddylaz,

Thank you for reaching us here. You may check out our XPS 9550 which gives you an option to calibrate the display via Dell Premier Color Application. I would suggest you to talk to our sales team at 1800-999-3355 to buy the system that meets your expectations.

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AFAIK Dell PremierColor is an application for manually switching color schemes, which is needed in order to avoid over-saturated colors which appear when using non-color-managed applications on a wide-gamut display such as the 4K UHD. This is not needed with color-managed applications, and I guess DPC is best not installed if you calibrate, can only screw up calibration.

The FHD screen is wide-gamut only for a laptop display, but just around 100% sRGB, so I guess DPC is not needed. (Mind an average laptop display is likely around 50% sRGB which is miserable)

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