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Dell XPS 15 Questions HELP!


So i am currently looking into buying the Dell XPS 15 laptop, but before i do, i was hoping i could add the RAM directly with Dell and add a 1TB HDD since it comes only with a 256gb SSD.. 

There seems to be no custom options available, i know that in the past i was able to Upgrade those features. The laptop can handle up to 32GB but it comes only with 8GB ram, i was hoping i could add another 8GB to boost it up to 16GB. I know i can do that after the purchase, but i am not so good working with hardware and i've read its a complicated job to do so on this model. 

As for the HDD, is it easy to add a 1TB HDD and still keep my 256GB SSD? 

This is the laptop i am looking at:

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