Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

On power-up, the built-in display shows the Dell logo then goes to a black screen.  If I attach an external monitor via a DA200, I can see the Windows 10 login screen and log in. 

The only way to have Windows show in the built-in display is to disable the Intel Iris Graphics 540 entry in Device Manager.  When I do this, I am unable to display to the second monitor/change the brightness of the screen, Windows has no sleep option, and etc...

I've re-installed Windows 10 multiple times and all with the latest drivers from the Dell website.

Can someone from Dell conclusively say whether the black screen is a hardware or software issue?

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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

Thank you for your message.

Click on this link to update the bios. Update this even if you have the latest version.

Click on the link & save the graphic driver to desktop screen along with the Chipset driver from here

Open device manager – expand display adapter – right click on the Intel driver & click on uninstall (check the box that says delete driver) do not restart the computer.

First, install the chipset driver followed by the graphic driver & then restart the computer. Complete all windows updates.

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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

I have the exact same problem as  I followed your suggestions but no luck - the BIOS flash and chip-set driver update went OK but during the video driver update the screen went black.  

The only way to get the computer back to normal is to roll back the video driver to Microsoft basic video driver.

ePSA pass without any errors.

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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

The suggestions also did not fix my issue.

Additionally, F12 video diagnostics did not give any errors.  The video card diagnostics test on the Dell support site also passed (using external monitor).

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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

I have to say, this has been the must frustrating experience that I've had in some time... but it's finally solved!

Based on what I know right now, the key is to install the latest Windows 10 (as of right now, version 1703) instead of using Dell's "Download Operating System Recovery Image".  I came to this conclusion after re-reading Dell-Sreejith R's instructions to "Complete all Windows updates".  My problem was that Dell's restore installed Version 1511 and Windows update kept telling me there are no new updates.

My steps (for a 256 GB Samsung PM951 NVMe drive):

1. Download the latest drivers from the Dell website.

My chipset driver is "9350_Chipset_Driver_P1X3X_WN32_10.1.1.13_A01.exe"

My video driver is "Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver_M56HN_WIN_21.20.16.4664_A10.exe"

2. Download Windows 10 installation from Microsoft via the "Create Windows 10 installation media"

3. create/install the Windows 10 media to a USB stick

4. If you are using the RAID configuration in the BIOS, you'll need to download the NVMe controller drivers from Intel and have it ready.  I used "" from

(Credit: hunter3740,

Unzip the files to your Win 10 USB and have it ready

5.  Boot with the Windows 10 USB stick and do a reinstall.  Your drive will not be detected.  Manually load the driver from step 4 and your partitions will be found.

6.  Install Windows to the only install-able partition (if I remember correctly, mine was 3)

7.  After installation is complete, install the chipset drivers, and without rebooting, install the video drivers.  This is the step where my built-in screen normally goes blank and stays blank.  But it didn't!

8. install the remaining drivers

Disclaimer: I've only been using this setup for about 2.5 hours... so far so good with about 10 reboots.  All my normally used programs and files are back (Got very efficient at doing this.)  Hopefully it doesn't get tanked again by some Windows update...


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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

Welll... perhaps I spoke too soon.  I allowed Windows to update until there was nothing to update.  Long story short, after turning it back on at the library, I'm faced with a black screen (different than the original problem).  No bios access, nothing.  Will pull the battery when I get home...  

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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

The saga continues... so far with a good ending.

I reinstalled Windows using the Dell restore utility... version 1511.  Installed all the latest updates and decided to go with video driver version 4531. Had random screen flickering.  The next day, Windows auto updated itself to 1703 (Creator update) even though manual updates always said nothing to update.  Still had some screen flickering.

Tonight: uninstalled the video drivers and installed from the Intel website and all is well.  No flickering.  No blanking.  on AC and on battery.

It's been a 2 week endeavor... I guess things will go well until the next time Microsoft decides to brick us agian...  *sigh*

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RE: Dell XPS 9350/Iris 540 black screen

I tried all your steps but did not work. I config cmd to access safe mode easily by F8 button at start up. After > 5 times of installing graphic driver by uninstalling in safe mode. Not success.


After many kinds of trying, I contact Dell support and inform all my effort, they suggest to change the mainboard on site. ***, my laptop can install graphic driver again.

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