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Dell XPS 9350 Touchpad not working

-Description of problem-

I recently purchased a Dell XPS 9350 (Windows 10) laptop. Often the touchpad completely ceases to function. This happens randomly 10-60 minutes after using the machine normally. Sometimes disabling the touchpad in Device Manager and re-enabling it will fix the issue temporarily. Sometimes this is not sufficient, but a restart of the machine will fix the issue temporarily. Sometimes this is not sufficient, and 5 or 6 restarts are required to get the touchpad to function again.

-Attempted resolutions-

* Ensuring that all device drivers are up to date and that the latest updates from Windows Update are installed

* Installing the generic Synaptics touchpad drivers instead of the Microsoft Precision ones (as suggest in various other forums describing issues with the XPS touchpad). The synaptics driver functions, but the same issue remains.

* Resetting Windows - clean reset choosing to remove all programs but keep personal files.

* Running the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter - this detects that there is an issue reinstalls the touchpad drivers. Sometimes this also temporarily fixes the issue (after restarting), but sometimes the troubleshooter says that it cannot fix the problem.

-Further details-

There are various items that show up in device manager. Under "Human Interface Devices" there is both "HID-Compliant touch pad" and "I2C HID Device".  Under "Mice and other pointing devices" there exist both "HID-compliant mouse" and "PS/2 Compatible Mouse". Sometimes when the touchpad ceases to function, the entire "Mice and other pointing devices" section disappears from Device Manager. Sometimes "HID-Compliant touch pad" also disappears". Sometimes "I2C HID Device" gets a warning yellow triangle icon, and under properties lists "Code (10) - Device failed to start". None of these symptoms are consistent. At the moment, all four devices are listed under device manager with no warnings present and all report "this device is working properly", and yet the touchpad is not currently functioning.

I suspect a physical hardware or firmware issue. Does anyone have any experience with similar issues and/or how to fix this.


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RE: Dell XPS 9350 Touchpad not working


I had a similar issue with my 9350 laptop, tried everything including disabling the HID and using Synaptics instead. After getting some improvement, I was frustrated having to use a hack for a new laptop and have now managed to get to a good place by doing the following:

*Full restore to factory settings (a partition should contain you restore image)

*Sign up Windows Insider programme, and install updates

*Turn off pinch to zoom

*Set input delay to "short delay"

*Cursor Speed = 5

*Enhance Pointer Precision = On

Additionally, if you use Microsoft Edge there is an additional issue to solve, where the scrollwheel does not fire PTP scroll events basically makes the scrolling horrible in an otherwise excellentbrowser)

*Type: about:flags in the URL bar

*Enable touch events = Always On

*Fire compatible mouse events in response to the tap gesture = Always On

*Enable MSPointer event interfaces = On

Finally delete McAfee Livesafe. Won't have any affect on your touchpad, but you'll thank my later Smiley Happy