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Dell XPS (9525) power button does nothing - it isn't sleeping

As you can guess I am out of warranty as laptops are designed to fail a few weeks later. 

I turned it off the other night and now it will not turn on. It is not in sleep mode as a hard reset always fixes that by just holding the power button down.

Things I have tried:

  • Removed the battery (it is inside the bloody thing) and held power button down for a minute to remove static
  • Removed HDD, wireless, memory, screen, still nothing
  • Replaced the battery entirely with a new one, same thing (yes £100)

If anybody is reading this and they have a £1500 laptop with no warranty go get one now as it is almost certain to break on you soon.

I am emailing dell directly but it will probably be a month before they reply and offer to fix it for half the price of the laptop. I refuse to call again as they put me through about 10 people who have no idea what they are doing. Oddly enough the service is great *if* you have a warranty.

I don't expect brilliant service if I buy a cheap laptop but when I buy the most expensive one available at the time I expect a lot more. 

I will let you know if they decide to help me.

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