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Dell XPS 9550 - Black screen + buzzing noise?

I bought my 9550 (i5/4k/256gb/8gb) on Feb 6 from the Microsoft Store. It suffered from some black screen issues, even after updating everything fully, BIOS, Intel/Nvidia drivers etc.

The past week, a new development has occurred. The laptop goes to black screen and a loud buzzing noise emits from the speakers. It's not the usual coil whine but a really loud buzzing sound. This happened once when I was watching a short video on Facebook, and again when I was watching a video on Youtube, both times using the laptop's speakers. It has crashed to a black screen before while watching YT but without the buzzing noise (I was using headphones), this is new.  I have checked that everything has been updated, and it has, yet this is happening. 

I'm past my return date, and surely all the force shut-downs I have to do because of the black screen can't be good for the laptop. I hate that I can't even watch a video without fear of my laptop black screening and making me force reboot. Why should I have anxiety over using something I just bought and paid so much for! Really frustrating laptop. Just another problem on top of all the others it has had. 

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I have been having the same problem. It used to be only when I watched videos, but it is happening more frequent and at anytime now. 

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Same thing is happening to me. I'm so paranoid about losing documents now that I save every few minutes as I'm constantly having to re-write lost work...and like you say, I can't relax to watch a video or movie because of this problem. Really disappointed. 

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