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Dell XPS 9550 - Blue Screen after Lock>Login Issue (Windows-10)


I'm facing blue screen recently on my Dell XPS 9550 laptop. I've opened ticket to Dell support and their offer was "reinstall Windows 10 OS again and tell us the result" which is unacceptable for me.  

When I open the computer the screen is disappearing suddenly and comes back again with fluctuation. Especially It was occurring all the times when I lock my Windows-10 screen then try to login again.

I am attaching the screen captures. 

1) Stop Code: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE || igdkm64.sys


After all; I found the soultion as below.

Closed this application --> C:\Program Files\Portrait Displays\Dell PremierColor\PremierColor.exe  and removed from startup everything worked fine and had not any blue screen issue.

Dear Dell and community, at least, Dell me what does PremierColor.exe do? And why we're facing this issue while PremierColor is open?


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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Blue Screen after Lock>Login Issue (Windows-10)

I also had the same issue except with out the second stop code that you mentioned; I also found that quitting PremierColor seems to fix the issue. I imagine that the updated graphics driver may conflict with the software.

As far as I know, PremierColor allows you to set color profiles and change color settings etc. It also has the feature which allows you to snap windows to designated parts of the screen. For me it shows up in my tray area. Really is a bummer that the program no longer works because I often use it for color adjustments Smiley Sad

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