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Dell XPS 9550, Issues with connecting to any TV with HDMI

Hello all!

I recently purchased a Dell XPS 9550 with 4K Touch Display. I am having issues when connecting it to any TV with HDMI. The screen in the TV looks like it has a white tint overlay. The colors are off and its a bit blurry. Initially i thought it was the TV's issue but i tried it on more tvs and its the same. All my graphics drivers are updated.

If i restart the laptop with the HDMI connected and the setting (show only on second screen) enabled when the restart is finished everything is okay and the screen looks fine!

This is really annoying. Every time i want to connect my TV i have to restart. 
Can you please tell me what to do? The laptop is only 1 month old.


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RE: Dell XPS 9550, Issues with connecting to any TV with HDMI


Set your resolution to 1920x1080 before starting (if your video card can support it, most does!)

Here's what you do: (and you can do this while you're PC is ON up so you can see the display change right before your eyes!)

1. Open MENU
2. Go to "Input"
3. Select "Edit Name" to open up the "Edit Name" sub menu.
4. Scroll down to "HDMI" and select it, (watch carefully)
5. Now assign "PC" or "DVI PC" to the HDMI setting
*** I'm not sure what this setting is for. But somehow changing this corrects the blurry/blocky text effect.

After this, your PC display should be ok. If text is still blurry, check if the display/resolution fills the entire screen. If not, this has to do with video card scaling option which can be easily adjusted from the video driver configuration. If you are using an ATI based video card, do these additional steps. (NVidia based video cards should also have an equivalent for this).

For WinXP
1. Open up Catalyst (video card configuration tool)
2. Go to DTV or DTV (DVI) menu on the left.
3. Select sub menu "Scaling Options" and set slider to "0%" towards "Overscan"
4. Done

For Windows7/Vista
1. Open up Catalyst (video card configuration tool)
2. Pull down Graphics menu
3. Select "Desktop & Displays"
4. Right click on the monitor icon at the bottom of the screen that appears.
5. Select "Configure..."
6. Change the scaling options same as the above.

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