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Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

One day after some Windows 10 updates, I was getting the BSOD caused by the Intel Graphics 530 driver. I installed the latest available on Dell's website to no avail. I reset Windows 10 and still had the same issue.

My next step was to do a clean install. I downloaded Windows 10 Pro using the Microsoft Media Creator tool. I installed Windows 10, which turned out to be Build 1703, the Creators Update. I continued getting BSODs due to the Intel Graphics 530 driver. I also notice that if the laptop went to sleep, whenever I would wake it I was unable to use the keyboard although it would light up when trying to type.

I went back to the Dell website and saw there was a new Intel Graphics driver. Installed that, and the graphics BSODs no longer occur.

However, new issues cropped up. I still cannot use the keyboard after waking the computer. Sometimes I cannot use the touchscreen after waking the computer. Sometimes the computer crashes when it sleeps.

I downloaded all the latest drivers from the Dell website for my service tag, and installed them all. Same issues. I right-clicked, checked for updates from Device Manager on all devices. Same issues.

So, naturally, I reinstalled Windows 10 Creator again, clean install. This time I only installed the Dell Wireless 1830 driver so I could get online, then let Windows Update grab the rest of the drivers.

Same issues persist. I looked in Event Viewer and can see an error that Windows failed to load a certain driver. I've determined the driver was for the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager. However, Device Manager shows Intel DPTF Manager as running properly. Occasionally I also get the BSOD saying a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.

Is anyone else having these issues? I've never had a keyboard randomly malfunction, and I really hope it's just a software issue because of course my warranty just expired.

I'm going to try to install an older version and hopefully everything will work fine, but I hope either Dell acknowledges and fixes these issues, or someone else can suggest a fix.

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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues


Click the link to download and install the Chipset Drivers for the computer, reboot and then install the DPTF driver.

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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues


Thanks for the suggestion, however it did not resolve the issues. I already have tried manually installing the drivers and the second time tried letting Windows Update install all the drivers. In both cases, I have the same issues.

Despite believing the suggestion wouldn't fix it, I have over a decade of IT experience in an enterprise environment and understand that sometimes assuming things won't work can waste a lot of time. So I tried it.

1) Installed the latest chipset drivers available for my laptop on Dell's website: Chipset_Driver_H5FY9_WN32_10.1.1.13_A02.EXE

2) Rebooted as instructed

3) Installed the latest Intel DPTF driver available for my laptop on Dell's website:


4) Pressed power button to sleep, pressed again to wake, and could not use the keyboard. Used the touchscreen to login and restart.

5) Pressed power button again from the Windows desktop, pressed again to wake, and could not use the keyboard. Used the touchscreen to login and restart.

I will download an old build of Windows to see if the laptop still exhibits the keyboard issue. I hope not, because I spent over $2000 on the laptop and the warranty just ended.

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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

I had a very similar problem. When upgrading to the Creators Update, I started experiencing many little errors. After doing a clean install of Creators, I had a BSOD like every hour. Still in warranty, so got on the phone with Dell support. I tried resinstalling Creators fresh with the Media Creation tool. Did it a couple times. Still experienced the problems. They eventually (after hours of troubleshooting) suggested that I do a reinstallation of Windows, but not the Creators update (Windows Build 16XX). That appears to have solved the problem. There were 1 or 2 BSODs in the first few days, but I haven't had one now for a week, and I've been pushing the system.

Apparently, Dell isn't ready for Creators. Or Creators isn't ready for Dell.

Tomas Zanka
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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

I have the same issues as described. XPS 9550. After Creators Update, HW-related issues started.

When I connect something to USB, the computers hangs for a second several times, even disturbing sound. The "device connected" sound get's disturbed ("bzzzzz" and then it unfreezes and contuniues).

BSOD "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" several times a week.

Newer version of Realtek HD Audio and Realtek GbE (Dell TB15 dock) helped a bit, but did not solve.

There is something rotting inside the drivers and/or Creators Update.

No USB3.1 controller driver update released so far.

Samsung S8 connected via USB says "Device not recognized."

I just spent weekend creating second boot option into VHD with "Dell recovery media" Windows 10 image applied in there and that works like a charm. No freezes, no BSOD sofar. It stays on Windows 10 1511, refuses to do even to Annual Update (Windows 10 1607). Avoid Creators Update (Windows 10 1703).

Except the silly scalinng issues with HD Graphics 530 seen in some applications (Remote Desktop Connection Manager v. 2.2, Firefox).

Event viewer's BSOD crash log:

Level,Date and Time,Source,Event ID,Task Category

Error,02.08.2017 21:03:46,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 8:24:20 PM on ‎8/‎2/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,02.08.2017 15:06:56,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 2:52:16 PM on ‎8/‎2/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,25.07.2017 22:25:53,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 10:04:49 PM on ‎7/‎25/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,25.07.2017 13:50:38,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 1:46:01 PM on ‎7/‎25/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,24.07.2017 14:34:40,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 1:58:07 PM on ‎7/‎24/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,18.07.2017 16:51:47,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 4:20:02 PM on ‎7/‎18/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,17.07.2017 11:37:05,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 11:08:25 AM on ‎7/‎17/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,12.07.2017 9:53:43,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 9:36:40 AM on ‎7/‎12/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,11.07.2017 15:16:09,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 2:51:49 PM on ‎7/‎11/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,04.07.2017 9:22:20,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 9:15:55 AM on ‎7/‎4/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,28.06.2017 12:52:08,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 11:22:26 AM on ‎6/‎28/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,29.05.2017 13:22:45,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 1:08:30 PM on ‎5/‎29/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,07.05.2017 0:38:28,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 12:27:01 AM on ‎5/‎7/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,28.04.2017 11:07:04,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 11:03:42 AM on ‎4/‎28/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,28.04.2017 11:03:42,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 11:00:17 AM on ‎4/‎28/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,25.04.2017 17:39:01,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 5:37:50 PM on ‎4/‎25/‎2017 was unexpected.

Error,18.04.2017 13:47:52,EventLog,6008,None,The previous system shutdown at 1:40:31 PM on ‎4/‎18/‎2017 was unexpected.

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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

I must have gotten lucky! Well sort of, the machine got stuck in a loop trying to update yet would fail and roll back at 99% 45 minutes later... This happened a few times until i turned off dell auto updates and used the dell update tool to find a new bios, chipset, and intel hd driver then got a successful Windows update, and finally this thing is running great!

Windows 10 Pro:1703

Build: 15063.540

Bios:1.2.29, 7-24-17

Chipset:, 3-21-17

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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

I believe I fixed this.  I believe the latest release of this driver might be the fix.


This was just recently released and since I have installed it I am not seeing BSOD at least in the last two days and I was getting like 4-5 day with CRITICAL PROCESS DIED.

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RE: Dell XPS 9550 - Windows 10 Creators Update: Multiple Issues

I was struggling with CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED BSOD for months, then I found this thread:

Dell XPS 9550 "Critical Process Died" and other blue screen errors


Long story short, the solution was to avoid the installation of Intel Rapid Storage Technology and Intel Management Engine Components drivers.

So with your comment we already have two hints of the origin of the problem...

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