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Dell XPS (9630) Keyboard Issue


I recently received my 9630 and it is just gorgeous.

However, today I was doing some typing on a Microsoft document when I notice something strange.

In my old laptops, when I need to dim down the brightness I would press the FN (function) key + F11 to lessen the brightness. But this time round I don't need to. All I need to do is just press F11. Then, when I am using Chrome or Internet Explorer... the F5 key is the refresh key. But it won't work unless I press FN + F5. 

Even when it comes to renaming documents or files. The shortcut is F2, but I need to press FN + F2.

Then here's what gets more strange.

If I were to type my email, for example, johnny@dell.com, that @ symbol isn't SHIFT+2. But it is SHIFT+" key.  And Shift+2 produces " instead of @.

Is this some sort of hardware issue?

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RE: Dell XPS (9630) Keyboard Issue

Oh wait, nvm, after updating Dell Chipset the issue has been fixed.

Thanks! Love Dell!

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