Dell XPS 9650 + TB16 DOCK

Hi all!

Recently we bought a QNAP TS-453BT3.
This device functions as a NAS with two Thunderbolt 3 ports,  two computers can access simultaneously at high-speed. As a video production company that's very nice to have!

Our two computer setups:


Asus X99-A II MOBO
Nvidia GTX1080
ThunderboltEX3 (PCI-E card)
LG Ultrawide 38" 


Dell XPS 9650
Dell TB16 DOCK
LG Ultrawide 34" Curved (connected with Displayport in the TB16 dock, 4K 60HZ)
QNAP (Connected by Thunderbolt 3 in the TB16 dock)
Keyboard + Mouse (Connected by USB in the TB16 dock)

Now the problem,
Whenever we need to shutdown Dell XPS 9650 (connected to the TB16) the QNAP also powers down its second Thunderbolt 3 port connected to our desktop.

If we remove the TB16 dock and plug the TB3 cable from the QNAP straight into the laptop, and we shut it down, nothing happens. It keeps working perfectly with out desktop.

When the TB3 cable is connected in the TB16 dock at boot-up, non of the USB devices are recognized. 

So there is a problem with the TB16 dock in combination with TB3 and it's powersettings.

Currently we are using the XPS 9650 without the TB16 dock.
Unfortunately the HMDI out of the XPS can't handle 4K 60hz.
As an video-editor 60hz is really necessary.

Does somebody have any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Dell XPS 9650 + TB16 DOCK

Any ideas? Thx!

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RE: Dell XPS 9650 + TB16 DOCK

The only configuration options I'm aware of for Thunderbolt peripherals are in the Thunderbolt Software, accessed by launching it from the Start menu, right-clicking the system tray icon, and selecting Settings > Details -- but I don't remember anything about power settings there.  This sounds like firmware-level behavior that may be hard coded, and unfortunately I haven't seen any firmware updates issued for the TB16 ever.  Sorry!

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RE: Dell XPS 9650 + TB16 DOCK

One possible workaround for you, though: What if you disconnect the dock from the XPS 15 before shutting down the XPS 15 so the dock doesn't "see" the XPS 15 shut down?  Does that allow the QNAP to remain active?

And in terms of USB devices not being recognized if the dock is connected at startup, that isn't supposed to happen.  If you haven't already, make sure you've running the latest of all of these items, and update them in this order:

System BIOS

Thunderbolt software/driver

Thunderbolt 3 firmware

ASMedia USB Host Controller driver

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