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Dell XPS L502X refuses to power up


I'm facing this abnormal behavior with my laptop since some time. My laptop doesn't power up even after repeated attempts. I tried with my AC adapter connected, battery fully charged. I even tried flea power discharge, but didn't help. However, if at all it powers up suddenly once after many attempts, I notice my laptop gets heated too much. I haven't received any overheat indication, nor I keep my laptop in congestion and heat.

It's just been 3 years with this laptop and I've already started facing major issues. I'm in a great doubt with the trust and quality of Dell now.

Experts, appreciate your views and remedies ASAP as I'm not able to access the laptop at all.

Thank you

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DELL-Jennifer K
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RE: Dell XPS L502X refuses to power up

Hi ,

If the system fails to power on with battery and charger connected then it could be possible system board failure .If this system's battery and charger work fine on a different system then we can confirm this .

Do forward the service tag of the system ,system owners name ,contact no  , sent via private message so that I can verify the warranty and other details before proceeding with the service call .

Alternatively you may purchase the part from an dell authorized dealer .

Hoping to hear from you soon .

Kindest Regards ,

DELL-Jennifer K
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