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Dell XPS M1330 ethernet socket very flakey?

Hi all,

I think my ethernet socket is flakey but I wanted to check with others before doing the warranty thing.

My laptop is an XPS M1330, and whenever I plug a cable into the ethernet socket on the LHS I have to make sure that the cable doesn't angle upwards at all, otherwise the connection is lost. Similarly, I can push the network cable in "too far", so that the connection is lost. In short it's very difficult and delicate to get a working connection!

Does the XPS M1330 just have a really badly designed network socket, or might mine be broken? (I think it's probably broken:/)


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Re: Dell XPS M1330 ethernet socket very flakey?

I have the 1330 but have yet to have a problem with the Ethernet jack. I would call up dell and see what they can do for you... if your under warranty, you should be able to get this fixed... no problems.

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