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Dell XPS M1530 Sceen Problem

I have a XPS M1530 laptop and am having problems with the screen as the let side of the screen is dim but this is not always the case sometimes it is fine and sometimes it is in the middle of the screenm but always ends up on the left side of the screen and if the laptop is off the charger the whole screen goes completly dim and can nly see it n the right angle. i have conected it to an external screen and it is fine on there so must be a prob with the screen but then it could be technical because it is not always the same so if u can help me please do!!!

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Re: Dell XPS M1530 Sceen Problem

If the image is OK on an external monitor, it sounds like the backlight is dying.  If you're under warranty, call Dell - if not, contact an LCD repair shop to have the backlight replaced.


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Re: Dell XPS M1530 Sceen Problem

Some of the screen internals are probably failing. If still under warranty, contact Dell ASAP.

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