Dell XPS M1530 black screen on boot up windows dont startup

Hi every one I am mechanical engineer and I am new here

I have a Dell XPS M1530 and its great laptop I had it since Nov.2 .2007 and never had problem with it work fine even with auto CAD and 3D Max, I used for design hard graphic work in auto CAD and then transfer the work to 3D max to make the final veiw, any way as i was saying the laptop work fine until one day my friend come over to my place and we play Resident Evil 5 together and after we finish the game (it took us one week), the problem start with the laptop when i boot up I had a black screen and the power light on but no windows logo and after i read the manual I hold the FN key and press the power key the same result after several time it work and thank god i thought my problem end but this was just the beginning and since my warranty ends three years ago.

after that I look up for solution and try the net and I read some article here and since every one say the problem with the MB left me no choice but one of them say try to heat it up with hair dryer and power it up I did that and works but when I shut it down I cant power it up again unless I use the dryer and this is the case now for three weeks.

HELP guys please I swear I will never play game again i need my laptop for work and I cant afford a new laptop could some one help me out please.

Best Regards to every one and I appreciated your time and help thanks to all  

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