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Dell XPS M1710 can not gain access to start up BIOS F2 or F12 Black screen and 2 beeps

I am trying to install Win XP MCE x86 en 2005  because I had to replace the hard drive with a new one ! Even  after the hard drive  out of the laptop I could still get into the BIOS and also run  the diagnostics and the screen  was working perfect > The laptop has been sitting around for over a year until I finally got  the new hard drive and the proper Operating Win XP disks that  will work with the  Product Key ! But now I can not run the diagnostics (F12 ) ,enter the BIOS (F2)  the screen  is black and  I have hooked up a external monitor  and the only keys that will get a image on the external  monitor  is  by holding the FN key down while  pressing the system on button to start the machine , but  the screen is unresponsive and  has large  pink square sections over the screen if I use  Ctrl >>ALT >>DELETE it will restart and if I do nothing  I can hear the disk drive  and all lights are on and I will hear 2 beeps and  then  nothing ... if I touch almost any keys  they will beep  repeatably until I release my finger from  them ! I have done the power down and checked the RAM  and removed the  hard drive and started the machine  powered it back down and replaced the  hard drive and started it back up but no changes  were to be found !  Could  this all be a issue  with the small Cell battery that the BIOS relies on to keep the system  time and date when it is not  plugged in   or  rechargeable 19v battery is not in use ? although I have made sure the  19v   battery has maintained  a good charge while it was idol .

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