Dell XPS freezes when logging in

Hello all,

I own a Dell XPS 13 (L321X) netbook computer  that runs Windows 8.1 and have the following problem:

I was running an AVG software update when the entire computer froze. I tried to exit any running programs but eventually force shut down the computer. When I start it again, the computer reaches the login page, where I put in my password, then it sits in perpetual "logging in" stage. If it does actually get past the loading sequence, the screen goes black and nothing more.

I have tried troubleshooting when prompted, the system tells me Windows was not able to load properly.

Does anyone know how to help me? I would love some help!

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Mary G

RE: Dell XPS freezes when logging in

Did you make a Repair or Recovery disk or flash drive you can boot to? That will allow you to access Recovery settings. You can try tapping F12 as soon as you reboot without waiting for any screen to get to the Boot Menu where you will have options. Some versions of AVG have problems with win 8.1. You might want to look for another antivirus or just remove it and use Windows Defender.

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RE: Dell XPS freezes when logging in

Funny thing same thing just happened to me new machine so I have not get around to a repair or recovery drive. Suggestions?

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