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Dell XPS-screen is black and blank when turned on-whats wrong..please help!

Ok i bought this laptop about 2 years ago. It does't get used much. I just updated my spyware to webroot about 2 weeks ago. I left it on the other night to run a scan and fell asleep. I think it went into sleep mode. I couldn't get it out of sleep mode, so i just turned it off and was going to start over. However, it won't fully turn on. The first time it said something about the battery charger (it is the original one that came with my laptop) and i can't get this message to appear again.

I unplugged the charger and tried again. Now, every time that i try to start it up..its looks like its going to start up (i get the dell startup) then it turns into a black blank screen. At the top there is a cursor just flashing. It will not allow me to type or do anhything from this screen.

Any ideas? my laptop isn't under warranty i'm sure and i'm not that brilliant when it comes to laptop support.


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