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Dell XPS12 in tablet mode

I have been playing with a new XPS 12 flip screen ultra book for a little over a week now.  Really like it, except for 2 things in the "tablet" mode:

1.)  When I click in a text field,  no onscreen keyboard pops up.  I have found ways to manually bring up a keyboard, most of the the time.  But for a tablet, that SHOULD be automatic.

2.)  When I rotate the tablet, the screen does not go from landscape to portrait.  Again, this SHOULD be automatic for a tablet.

It has the factory installed version of Windows 8 Pro.  I ran Windows Updates right after the initial setup and used the Dell App on the WIndows 8 start screen to apply Dell updates.

Is anyone else having these issues?  Do I need to change some setting, or are these limitations of Windows 8?



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RE: Dell XPS12 in tablet mode

Hi Jerry,

On Dell XPS 12 if you open any applications through the Windows tiles screen the on screen keyboard would popup. If you open any applications through the desktop mode you would need to manually bring up the OSK keyboard. I would like to know on which applications you are facing this issue.

Also to enable or disable the Auto-Rotate option on the system you have a button on the left side of XPS 12. You can refer to the picture below.

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