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Dell XPS13 9360 Battery Not Detected

My Dell XPS13 is now showing "Battery Not Detected" in mouseover of the battery icon. Removing the powercable removes power from the laptop. It was working until today and the device is only 2 months old.

Both the Microsoft AC Adapter driver and the Microsoft-ACPI Battery driver is up to date.  I cannot update the BIOS as no battery is detected but when I check the BIOS it says that the 45W AC adapter is connected.

When I run diagnostics I get the following message at Step 5 (Running Your Tests) "We are unable to find the selected device. The device driver for your selected diagnostic is either not installed or installed incorrectly. Please ensure your device is enabled through your device manager or go to Drivers and Downloads to install the latest driver."

Any software suggestions please? I spend a lot of time on trains so only having a laptop that works when plugged into the mains is the equivalent of having a desktop.

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RE: Dell XPS13 9360 Battery Not Detected

The battery has failed - if you're under warranty, call Dell for a battery replacement.  If you're out of warranty, you can get a repair quote from Dell - or take the system to the shop of your choice to have the battery replaced -- or order a battery and replace it yourself (it's not that difficult to replace, though you'll need a Torx driver to do the job).


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RE: Dell XPS13 9360 Battery Not Detected

The test not finding a device is vague. Does the test show you what devices it did find and test?
* Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop
* Remove the battery
* Press and hold down the laptop power button for 10 seconds
* Reconnect the AC adapter
* Power the laptop on. If the laptop powers on and goes into Windows, the AC adapter and power port are functioning
* Turn the laptop off
* Disconnect the adapter from the laptop
* Reinstall the battery
* Reconnect the AC adapter
* Power the laptop on. If the laptop does not turn on, the battery is faulty

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