Dell XPS13 L321X Y9N00 battery


Y9N00  47Whr, 6-Cell battery for Dell XPS13 L321X Ultrabook. Purchased in US. Brought home to India.

Dell India support team has washed hands of this product stating warranty lapse.

Dont want duplicate compatible batteries. 

Original Dell battery Y9N00  is not available in online websites in India.

Searched  real shops and roamed streets to check for original battery. 

Fedex and DHL have stopped shipping batteries. Battery is available and in stock in Amazon US 

If anyone can suggest anything about how I can get battery to India it would be really great.


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RE: Dell XPS13 L321X Y9N00 battery


What is the issue with the current battery on the system?

You could contact our team to get a quote for a new battery here - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ 

I found one battery on eBay India - http://bit.ly/2q9wm10, however, the authenticity of the battery depends on the reseller. It could be a new battery or a refurbished battery.

Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.

Let us know if you have any other queries.

Thanks and Regards,
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RE: Dell XPS13 L321X Y9N00 battery

Hello Dell-Rishi,

I hugely appreciate you deligently searching the battery for me.

However this is a quintessential example of how perfunctory Dell is when it comes to servicing. This is sad. It is also pathetic. Also I hope by now you have understood the sarcastic nature of "I hugely appreciate......".

Servicing is not as interesting as selling a new laptop. Customer isnt all smiling and happy thinking about what he could do with a new laptop.

Thats how servicing is. An old customer comes with a sorryful state. Sorry that he bought your product in the first place. Not knowing he would have to endure drudgery of searching all of SP road manually after Dell service centre says "no stock".

***. It has been a pain to get this battery in India.

There was only one website XYZ that sells original battery  of this model and they're charging four times of what this battery actually costs. Not their fault, they're doing it as a favour to me, shipping it from places where it can be legally shipped from. I cannot afford XYZ.  

Every time I called Dell they've asked me for my name, email, phone number, service tag, and later forwarded the call to CompuIndia.com. Seems like you guys get a cut from what they make. The state of the issue is all the same because Compuindia does not have the battery, Compuindia disconnects the call and the next time I call Dell they ask me name, email, phone number, service tag again and forward the call to compuindia again.

And again and again and again and again.

This process continues.

Even this time it looks no different. You've asked me to visit ebay.  WHY?

Is Ebay giving you a cut from what they make?

You also asked me the service tag.

Why is Dell not able to cater to the servicing needs for its India customers? Why are the XPS laptops so costly and the servicing so poor?

Why is there no extension to the warranty?

Its not like I have not bought compatible batterries, I have.

It is just that servicing Dell has always been a very tiring  process irrespective of what one is willing to shell out of ones pocket.

I am willing to shell out a good amount for getting a new battery. Or getting the overheating or display issue fixed for  example. Dell service centre never returns the laptop on time. Isnt easy commuting to Dell service centre.

Thanks and regards

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RE: Dell XPS13 L321X Y9N00 battery

It sounds like you purchased a model not sold or supported in India - accordingly, parts aren't available readily.  This system is also on the order of five years old, and the ugly truth is that most manufacturers -- Dell included -- stock parts for only three years.

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RE: Dell XPS13 L321X Y9N00 battery

Hello ejn63,

Isnt just about the parts. Every time Dell exclusive service centre gives a date they'll repair my laptop they push the date once I reach the service centre.

Urgency of availability is realized by Dell service centre only after one has personally spoken to the store people, that too after multiple visits.

Using the telephone to know the status before personally going there is qualifies to "no so urgent customer"

My answer is not intended to personally hurt the Dell representatives. The answers are for Dell company. Not to anyone in particular working for Dell.

I love Dell laptops. I love Dell. I used to love Dell laptops. Other than XPS, all are good. May be good. I got carried away looking at XPS's simple design, what it can do.

I dont want to go for a compatible battery this time. Want to purchase original Dell battery.


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