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Dell broke my screen after I sent it in for another issue

In October of last year, I helped my son purchase a laptop for University. I recommended he purchase a Dell product because of its reputation for quality and good customer support. He purchased an Inspiron 7558 Model. From the beginning it started having internet connectivity issues. The problem was intermittent and random and gradually became worse.

I used to work as a computer technician and I am fairly knowledgeable about computers so I tried various solutions to try and fix the problem myself. I spent hours if not days on this, researching support groups and tried updating software and drivers but the problem persisted.  Since he needed a working laptop for his school term, we decided to address matter with Dell in the summer. We contacted Dell and again I spent hours with Dell Tech Support and they had me install propriety diagnostics software and remotely accessed the laptop to attempt to resolve the problem. Lastly they had me replace the wireless modem, which still did not resolve the issue.

The internet connectivity issue remained unresolved and Dell recommended that we send in the laptop for them to look at. Support emailed us the Purolator shipping label and I used the original box to ship it to Dell.  About a week later we received notice from Tech Support that the laptop had arrived “damaged”, the screen was cracked and as a result they would not honour the warranty and fix the internet issue until I paid them $400 to first fix the damaged screen. When I asked how they determined that it was not damaged in the shipping, they claimed that the packaging was undamaged but did not send me pictures of the packaging. They actually accused me of damaging the screen before I shipped the laptop. This was the same laptop they had walked me through possible solutions over the phone the same day they suggested I send it in.  If it was in such a damaged state, how would that have been possible? I then saw the picture of the cracked screen, it was not “cracked” was smashed like it had been stepped on or dropped from a good height. (I have searched various forums and have found that I am not the only one this has happened to.)

I asked Tech Support to hold unto the unit until I could get this matter straightened out; I talked to someone in Customer Support who appeared to understand and was going to call me back to deal with this. It made no sense that I would have to pay $400 for a new screen for a malfunctioning laptop when there no guarantee the internet issue could even be resolved.

Three days later, there is no further call from Customer Support and Tech Support sent me back the laptop in worse shape than when I sent it, the internet issue is not fixed and the screen is not just a small crack as they described, it looks like someone intentionally damaged it.





I called Dell and again spent several hours trying to get to the bottom of this. I am told if it was damaged in shipping that I should file a claim with Purolator. Dell arranged and paid for the shipping and apparently did not cover it for insurance, I am a third party to this transaction so how would I file a claim with Purolator? I was told after I should have taken a picture of the laptop prior to shipping it. No one told me to do so before I shipped it, only after. If this was a requirement, why was I not advised as I would have been happy to do so? 

So bottom line, my son spent over $1000 for a faulty laptop that Dell could not fix remotely. After we sent it in for repair under warranty it is now mysteriously “damaged” and now Dell is saying it will not honour the warranty. I received no support to fix my issue, I was called a liar, customer service refused to escalate the matter and they could not e-mail me the contact for Dell’s legal department, I had to have them dictate it to me. This was honestly some of the worst dealings with a “customer support/service” department that I have ever had.

Dell has left me with no choice but to go to court to try and recoup our losses and for all the time and aggravation we have spent dealing with this matter. My son is a student and cannot afford to replace his laptop after one year of use.  I had hoped that Dell would just replace the defective laptop but now I feel my experiences with Dell customer service leaves me to wonder why I would want to keep dealing with your company. My experience suggests that Dell does not care about their customers and no longer stands behind their product or the conduct of their employees. Prove me wrong.

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