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Dell customer service does not exist

I am from Brazil and I'm doing exchange here in Canada. Dell has a very good reputation in Brazil, so I decided to buy a laptop from Dell here.

After only 5 months of use, my laptop had a problem and the windows was not booting. After several calls, hours of waiting and many useless troublehootings, I sent my laptop to the Dell Repair Depot, where the motherboard and the hard disk were replaced.

Apart from several scratches, the laptop returned without the dummy SD card. Also, while I sent the laptop in the original box, it was returned in a trash box (I can find better boxes on the cardboard recycling truck). Furthermore, the keyboard was not correctly placed and was popping out:


n addition after I uploaded the drivers, I found out that the Intel Rapid Start Technology monitor was reporting an event: SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 2: Incompatible.

When, after several tries and long waiting times, I managed to speak to a technician, who troubleshooted and realized that the SSD needs replacement.
After I denied to send my laptop to the Depot for obvious reasons, they offered an onsite technician to fix everything.

I received the automated  call scheduling the visit for today, May 17th. However, the technician never showed up nor called.

I'm creating this topic as last hope. If by Monday things are not solved, I'm suing Dell to have my money back.

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