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Dell driver touchpad

After trying a lot of settings and solutions this driver has never worked as it was supposed to , so it brings up Cortana with three finger swipe up and settings with swipe down .

This is highly unstable and even after uninstalling and installing the driver it fails to perform after some minutes of booting .

currents installations

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RE: Dell driver touchpad

Hi Balam08,

I am not using a Laptop so I'm not sure about the 3 Finger Slip.

HOwever you can certain Try a Keyboard Shortcut till the Time Dell Comes up with a FIX.

You can Try using a WIndows + S.

Please let know if this Helps.



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RE: Dell driver touchpad

Thank you , already have that in mind and it does not help . Of course Dell should pay more attention to the drivers' software . Nevertheless , now I have it working properly again and hoping it will continue without any failures .

The point of the 3-finger-swipe up is to show all desktops and apps running not activate Cortana.

The 3-finger-swipe down is putting all away and shows the desktop only.

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