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Dell drivers Update

Hi All,

We have several latitude 14 inches 7470 and 7450. We like to keep our system, so yesterday I update drivers in a dell and computer now freeze up as soon you login. We did a restore and didn't help.

We have window 10 Pro. Now I'm scared going forward update any drivers. The only solution by Dell is sending the laptop over, they didn't even try to do any remote help at all.

What can be the best step to try in cases like this?

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RE: Dell drivers Update

Does this happen to all 7 computers ? If it's only one, please list model you're having problems. Dell suggested that you run Diagnostic tool to check hardware on the system? If yes, you received any error code? Do you remember which drivers were updated ? You updated drivers in correct order or Installation order?  

How to reinstall drivers in the correct order | Dell US

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