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Dell e5530 Black Screen


I have a Dell Inspiron e5530 laptop that shows a black screen when I try powering it on. The first time I press the power button, the power light will come on, but not the fan nor the display. If I press the power button again, the fan starts spinning but the laptop shuts off. If I leave the laptop running, eventually, the fan starts going, but nothing is displayed on the screen. Before, it was giving me this problem, but the display would eventually come on if I kept trying. Now however, it just keeps showing a black screen. 

If I try the screen test by holding the 'd' key and power button, the display will flash different colours. I did manage to get to the ePSA menu once and ran a scan where everything came back OK. That's not working anymore though. Now if I try to get into the ePSA menu, the battery light just flashes. 

I've tried many things that I've found on various threads, such as removing battery and holding power, removing/re-seating RAM, hard drive, DVD-ROM, re-seating display cable, connecting to an external screen, removing and re-inserting the CMOS battery, etc. I've pretty much taken the whole laptop apart and re-assembled it in hopes of one of the connections maybe making a difference, but to no avail.

I'm wondering if there is anything else I can try or if it's time to start looking for a new laptop!?