Dell e6410 Windows 7 will not load after doing a windows update

I purchased a refurbished Dell e6410 about a year ago.   The Laptop was working find with no issues.   But in mid August, I did a windows 7 update...   After the update, windows restarted...   But instead of booting up to windows...  It went to "startup repair".   It ran this several times until is said it could not repair the startup.

I ended up having to do a recovery and reload windows and re-image my HD...   After doing that, I tried windows update again.   Same issue.   after windows update...   It would just got to startup repair.

Again, I had to restore my OS and re-image my drive.   I tested and checked the HD and go no errors.  Ran disk check and disk check /r...   But if I tried to run a windows update it would just go into startup repair and I would eventually have to just reload my os and re-image the drive.

I spoke to an agent from Dell about it...   He suggested I wait a month before trying to do the windows update.   Perhaps they have a bug.     

So I waited two months and tried an update again, last night.   This time, I would get the dell logo, with f12 option, that would go away and then "windows is loading necessary files", but then the screen would go black and dell screen came up gain, then "windows is loading necessary files".   I let it do this for almost an hour.   Windows never started...   I had no option to get into safe mode or any other boot modes. 

Has anyone experienced this issue with their dell e6410?  I have a regular desk top pc that I have done windows update and it has no issues.   

I am running windows 7 64bit.

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RE: Dell e6410 Windows 7 will not load after doing a windows update

You aren't starting from a clean install so anything goes

SFC /SCANNOW may be an option. There is also a windows update tool fix.



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RE: Dell e6410 Windows 7 will not load after doing a windows update

I purchased my refurbished Dell E6410 in late May 2015 and recent experienced the same problem/scenario as you about getting the same "startup repair" window and did the same procedure as you to try to repair the file loading failures. I also discovered that not just the Windows 7 updates but trying to upgrade to a later version of Explorer or other software upgrades via the internet or just trying to install new and different other software via the internet (not a disk or memory stick) resulted in the same file loading failures. I've given up on these re-attempts as you have already done too. I don't think there is a mother-board or processor problem. However I suspect that there's maybe either a possible RAM (random access memory) or hard drive (HD) problem. Which I haven't had a chance to trouble shoot yet. Supposedly there's a way (TBD?) to check your RAM to make sure it is functioning properly. Probably via a software process. But this would have to be downloaded from another computer then put on a storage device like a CD/DVD or a memory stick then installed on your Dell E6410 so that there no attempt to upload any software files from an internet source. If your RAM checks out to be okay then the problem might be with the old HD that would need to be replaced. Then you should be able to re-install your Windows 7 OS and all should now be okay...hopefully. This is my plan of action that I shared with you. I truly believe I have a hardware problem like with my RAM or hard drive that must be replaced but I won't know for sure until I check my RAM and/or replace my HD.

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RE: Dell e6410 Windows 7 will not load after doing a windows update

Hi, i manage some family/friends computers and i have put a win7 in auto update and recently, it have do some update.

It is a Dell e6410 with I7 M640 cpu and 4go of ram. The computer has stopper to work properly,  it was starting with startup repair and any of the solution have work so i have do sfc scan now, repair etc... it won't have work.

I was thinking maybe it was a problem with an install so i have saved the user data and have reinstall the computer from the dell disk.

After a long os and soft install, i have let the computer do the Windows update in auto again. After 2 days and 3XX Windows update, the computer has stopped to start normaly.

I have some computer which are working Under win10 so i have install this computer again Under win10.

The pilotes where all recognized so it was simply. I have install all the user software and rebooting after each.. The computer was working normaly so i was thinking the problem has stopped.

Win 10 Windows update was put on auto and the computer was woking. I have give the computer to the user.

2 days later, the computer have do some update and the computer has stopper to start normaly, the start go to win10  startup repair. I have tried the normal startup repair, the restoration repair, the rollback option without erasing data and with erasing data. Any of the sollution have worked so i have to reinstalle the computer entierely again and it's seems to work but for how long?

Is this problèms happens  for you ?

thank for you'r quick answer Smiley Happy

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