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Dell inspirion 15 5558 cooling fan problem

So i bought a new laptop (dell inspirion 15 5558 i3 5005u, gt 920m, 4gb ram, upgrading from an old latitude) a few days ago and i started to notice 2 things.

1. The main (left) fan has only 3 speeds/stages: a) 0 RPM, b) 2200 RPM, c) 4700 rpm or sometimes 4600.

2. The fan goes to 4700 RPM when CPU/ GPU reaches a relative low temp ( 55 degrees celsius) and it is Very noisy. I really love this laptop, but the fan is very annoying. I dont know if it's just my laptop or not. We should be able to have the rpm along with the temperature, or add another speed to the fan around 3000 - 3500 rpm for a good cooling/ noise ratio. It starts abrupptly to rise from 2200 rpm to 4700, its very distracting, unnecesary, battery consuming, and stays there until you exit the app you're working in. I do not think it's normal having just 3 steps instead of a fluid rpm setting depending on the temperature. It's like trying to cool your tea by blowing in it, or if it's a bit hotter, throwing in some liquid nitrogen. You cool it down but it's unnecesary and messy at those temperatures.  

I wonder if there are any patches to fix this or overcome it somehow. It ruins the experience and it's a shame for such a good laptop, i really love it like each dell product i ever had. I know it is going to be a problem in the summer where it's gonna stay constantly over 60 degrees (the rpm blowing my ears off constantly) and i need to fix it now or return the product. We urgently need a bios update or something to fix it, or at least some answers. Please, do not ignore your customers.


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