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Dell inspiron 1300 not finding own wifi after clean xp install


After doing a fresh xp clean install (no problems just wanted a fresh system) and downloading all the drivers (except ethernet controller) My Laptop cannot find our own wifi connection, Its finds everyone elses wifi but ours. I know that it is not a router problems as another laptop, netbook, smartphone and tablet connect with no problems. I have installed almost all of the windows updates as well. before the reinstall it had not been used for a while due to new gadgets and we have had a new router since then, Is it a case of the wireless card being too old to connect to the router? If so any recomendations on a cheap upgrade ?

Also I cannot seem to find the driver automatically for "ethernet controller" even on the dell drivers site, I probably will not use ethernet to connect but I feel it would help if I can get it sorted, Where can I find the driver for this,


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Re: Dell inspiron 1300 not finding own wifi after clean xp install

Hi snowdropjane,

Welcome to the Community,

For the Ethernet Controller you may try this Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller driver: lt.dell.com/.../lt.aspx

About the wireless card,if its able to pick up wireless signals from other routers,then it has to do with some settings on your new router.If you want you may try checking the following router settings:

1.If its security enabled network,disable security temporarily  and check if this system picks up your network.

2.Try changing channel number

3.Try changing the bandwidth (if its set to 5 GHz try changing it to 2.4 GHz). The older wireless card only works on 2.4 GHz band.

Note:Changing any settings on the router,will affect all the wireless devices connected to the router.

If you need further help,please post the type of wireless card installed and make/model of your current router.

Thank You

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