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Dell inspiron 1464 Problem

 I owned dell inspiron 1464 laptop/notebook. I am using it for more than 2 years.

On 16th October 2013 i was working on my laptop, its battery was low. so i went to charge it. whenever i plugged it with adapter the laptop stopped working and closed. From them i can not open it. Even when i give it charge. Whenever i plug it with adapter no light is seen and the green light of the adapter continuously on and off. But whenever it is not connected with the laptop the light of the adapter is seen normal. Now this problem is solved.

***But a kind of burning smell is coming from the laptop itself. I closed the laptop immediately and unplugged charger and battery. I smelt the adapter but there was no smell. But when i smelt the laptop. some types of burning smell was coming from it. I noticed that it was coming from Ram part and battery plug part. I am now afraid to charge and work on it.

Please give me a suitable answer. Thank You. 

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RE: Dell inspiron 1464 Problem

The system board needs to be replaced.

There are two different ones depending on whether your system has Intel video or hybrid video:

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