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Dell inspiron 15 5577 is the worst laptop ever created

Right out of the box this thing is slow as ***. Its slower than a 10 year old laptop. Its like its running on a pentium 4 or something. I tried almost everything and it still super slow. What a complete waste of money. I can't believe they shipped this without testing if it even works. I wanted to try and swap the hdd out for an ssd but guess what? No product key and no disk so I can't easily do that. I am litterally blown away by the crappiness of this laptop. I have never encountered something like this with any laptop ever. Even a *** dell mini 10 runs faster than this piece of ***. 

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RE: Dell inspiron 15 5577 is the worst laptop ever created


You can click the link below for information on increasing Windows 10 Performance.

Fix Windows 10 Slow Performance

Also, the Windows key code is embedded on a motherboard chip. You can click the link below to download Windows 10 for your computer if you decide to add an ssd drive.


Dell Windows Backup Media and Recovery Options

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