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Dell inspiron 1750

This computer system ,8D0XRJ1-595B, IS PROTECTED BY A PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM. YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE DATA ON THIS COMPUTER WITHOUT THE CORRECT PASSWORD. PLEASE ENTER THE SYSTEM OR ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD AND PRESS ENTER... PLEASE HELP ME BYPASS THIS ITS A SAD SITUATION   I bought this device off of craigslist a few weeks back from an elderly couple who had purchased the device as a Christmas present for their only child(though not a child anymore)  who has since passed away... I have no way of contacting them for any possible info and I obviously am not able to access the original owner is there any way you can help

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RE: Dell inspiron 1750

It would be best to return the system to the seller for a refund.  If that's not possible, they'll need to transfer ownership to your name, so you can call Dell and have the password removed.  This will cost you a support call (about $60 in the US).

If they cannot initiate a transfer for you, you're going to be adding the cost of a replacement system board (which could be a few hundred dollars) to what you paid for the system.

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